about this blog

*Do you have a compelling need to contribute and make a difference, yet don’t know where to begin?

*When you make an effort, do you struggle with follow-through and sustaining motivation?

*Are you searching for the keys to living your dream, only to find you’re hopping from one self-proclaimed expert to another, but never moving forward with clarity and focus?

Well, this blog is for you.

This is a blog about transforming your life at the core. The focus here is about getting to the root of stuckness, then using skillful means to cut thru the obstacles that get in the way of living your passion.

Once you travel down this path and begin living your life… not the life you imagine you should have, but rather one that fully resonates with your bliss, life becomes extraordinary.

Life, in fact, becomes an art form where passion, values and action align, generating real abundance on every level.

Most people struggle to achieve abundance by starting somewhere in the middle, usually by changing the external circumstances of their lives… new job, new car, new home, new mate.  But, the infinitely more effective path is to align with bliss and allow your life to transform from the inside out.  It’s harder work, but the benefits are nothing short of miraculous.

Once you begin working from the inside out, you will have set your heart in motion, readied your mind and primed your intuitive guidance system.  Your choices and direction will become clear and you will no longer distract yourself with the irrelevant.  You will deftly maneuver through barriers, seeing what works and what doesn’t.  Best of all, you will stay on track, fully motivated, inspired and fearless.

And so as your bliss activist, I aspire to be a worthy way-shower, helping you re-start at the beginning… rediscovering renewing, recalibrating and realigning with your personal bliss.  Together we’ll work through limiting beliefs, negative habits, unresourceful patterns and unhelpful attitudes that are getting in the way.   We’ll cut right to the core of all that stops you from living the life you are meant to live, so you can get on with being extraordinary.

In terms of credentials, I have Masters degrees in Physiological Psychology and Counseling Psychology.  I’m a board certified psychotherapist, with advanced training in NLP, Coaching, Buddhist Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Sound, Voice, Music Healing, 20 years experience as an international consultant… and more continuing education units and workshops than you can shake a stick at.

But my real achievement has been in working through personal fear, resistance, limiting beliefs and some pretty debilitating obstacles.  These have now become my teachers and closest allies and continue to inform my work in every way. (Read more about my story here)

I do this work because I have a lot of experience being thoroughly stuck; but, through years of trial and error, I have found my way out.  I’ve learned to run my mind, probably rewire my brain and free myself from a great deal of unnecessary suffering.  My greatest aspiration is for my experience to be of some benefit to you.  Please take whatever works and feel free to leave the rest.

If coaching is not for you, there will be plenty of highly usable hands-on information included in the forthcoming posts, complete with practice sections, journaling questions and links to relevant sites.